Fishing for Men


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How would you like to:

  • Be able to effectively share the Gospel with those who have more questions than you have answers?
  • Know and understand the Gospel so well and so clearly that you will never stumble through the message again?
  • Be able to accurately explain the Biblical understanding of such issues as: faith without works is dead; water baptism for salvation; repentance; the unpardonable sin; enduring to the end; keeping the Ten Commandments, and much, much, more?
  • Have honest answers to the tough questions: How can a God of love allow innocent people to suffer? What about those who have never been exposed to the Gospel, are they lost? How can we know the Bible is the Word of God?

Fishing for Men is full of Scripture, insights, and practical wisdom on the important subject of reaching people of all kinds with the greatest message this world has ever heard — the precious Gospel of God’s amazing and free grace. Walk carefully and prayerfully through the pages of this book, and it may well revolutionize your Christian life.

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