Vengeance is Mine: The Luke Horn saga begins

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A man just tried to kill me. It didn’t scare me, it didn’t anger me; it was simply a fact.

It was 1863, America was split by war. Texas farmer and former lawman, Levi Horn is called to serve for the South, leaving his teenage son to watch over the family. A band of outlaws led by a revenge-driven escaped convict attacks Horn’s family and farm. Torn between vengeance and justice, sixteen-year-old Luke Horn sets off on the trail of the outlaws.

A good storyteller knows the heart of humanity. Storytelling come from life experience. The characters and places Tim Rupp takes his readers are born out of his experience as a military service member, veteran police officer, and pastor—and of course as a husband, father, and grandfather. Through historical research and walking the land himself, Tim strives to provide authentic settings in his books.


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