Winning a Gunfight, securing victory ethically, mentally, and tactically in a gunfight

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Does physically surviving a gunfight mean you won? Not by a long shot. Many people survive gunfights. In fact, most people who are in a gunfight survive. But there’s a difference between surviving and winning. Surviving means you continue to exist. Continuing to exist and winning are not the same. Career police officer and author Tim Rupp has been on both sides of a gunfight—being investigated after being in a gunfight and investigating citizens and officers who have been in shootings. Drawing from personal and professional experiences as a patrol officer, homicide detective, and police sergeant, Tim takes you through what you’ll face in a gunfight. Before picking up a gun for personal protection or the protection of others you need to prepare yourself for what you’ll face before, during, and after a gunfight. “Winning a Gunfight” prepares you ethically, mentally, and tactically to win a gunfight. Winning a Gunfight is a must read for police officers, military, and armed citizens. “Winning a Gunfight” came out of Tim’s desire to get the gospel to police officers while providing them a resource to help win a gunfight. The book is a straight forward approach to what a person goes through in a gunfight. Officers need to be prepared: ethically, mentally, and tactically.


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