Vengeance is Mine Too

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“…I don’t have much patience and my hands are sweaty. I’d hate to shoot you by accident, that would upset me for a day or two, but I could live with it. You couldn’t”“Now there’s no need….”“I won’t say it again mister.” I cocked the hammer on the second barrel.

Just when you think the adventure is over, you find it just began. Luke, Joe Ray, and Jack aren’t finished righting wrongs. The Civil War was tearing America apart and renegade Confederate soldiers were wreaking havoc in Texas. The outlaw soldiers made the mistake of thinking Luke was still a boy. He wasn’t. Luke was forced into manhood and accepted the responsibilities manhood demands while he struggled with his own demons.

A good storyteller knows the heart of humanity. Storytelling come from life experience. The characters and places Tim Rupp takes his readers are born out of his experience as a military service member, veteran police officer, and pastor—and of course as a husband, father, and grandfather. Through historical research and walking the land himself, Tim strives to provide authentic settings in his books.


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